The home of beers
The home of beers

Welcome to is the online resource for home brewing and beer lovers everywhere. With the credit crunch affecting everyone, we provide useful information on how to make beer yourself.

Our Home Brewers Guide holds you by the hand and gently takes you through the process of making beer at home.

At our Beer Shop you can purchase Home Brewing Kits for making beer and wine, wonderfully tasty varieties ready to be created by you. Our World beers section informs you of the fantastic types of beer available around the world, from African beers through to South European beers. A great guide to the tasty, fabulous beers out there, ready to be tried and tested by you.'s Good Pub Guide highlights our great British pubs. So, you won't be short of choice, wherever you live. You can even nominate your own! We are also of course a responsible resource and provide accurate information on safe drinking and the alcohol units in different drinks.

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