Low Alcohol Beers Increasingly Popular

Thu, 14 May 2009

New figures from Euromonitor have revealed an increase in the popularity of alcohol free and low-alcohol bitter and lager . Whilst in the last year sales of normal beer fell by 5 per cent, sales of the low or non-alcoholic equivalent grew by 10 per cent. In 2007-08 non-alcohol drink sales totalled £69 million, accounting for just 3 per cent of the £2 billion beer market. This growth of sales is expected to continue at a rate of 23 per cent by 2013, by which time sales of £85 million are expected to account for 5 per cent of the total beer market. Supermarkets tend to stock three or four low alcohol or alcohol free options, whilst specialist shops have been set up on the internet and even in the high street.

Experts predict the growth will encourage more brewers to make low-strength lagers as Brits display an increasing health consciousness after media campaigns exposing the dangers of binge drinking. A number of brewers have launched low alcohol or alcohol free beers in recent years, though the pioneer of alcohol free beer, Kaliber, remains the best selling alcohol fee beer. Carlsberg’s C2 beer, however, accounts for three quarters of low strength beer sales.
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