Legislation May Make Crates of Beer More Expensive in Scotland

Thu, 02 Sep 2010

The Scottish government has announced that its proposed minimum price for alcohol will be set at 45 pence per unit. Scottish Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon said the new plans would reduce the number of alcohol related deaths by 225 over a decade, and save £83 million in health care costs. In practice, the legislation would mean that a bottle of wine would cost at least £4.23, a bottle of whisky would cost no less than £12.60, and the minimum price of a 24x330ml crate of 4.5 abv lager would go up to £16.20.

With only the cheapest alcohol targeted in an attempt to clamp down on binge drinking, the minimum pricing proposals take aim at supermarkets rather than pubs . Sturgeon has claimed that a man can exceed his weekly alcohol limit for under £3.50 – a possibility she hopes to eradicate with the potential introduction of this legislation.

The passage of the minimum pricing proposals is by no means guaranteed, however, with Scotland’s opposition parties voicing objections to the plans. The issue has proved similarly divisive south of the border, with the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition willing to consider such a measure, whereas the previous Labour government ruled out the idea.
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