East London Brewing Company Nightwatchman Dark Premium Ale, 500ml

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A solid, smooth darker ale
Nightwatchman has a nutty flavour with rich malt notes
Great with food or on its own

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A darker premium bitter, well-hopped but with a smooth mouthfeel.A complex balance of malts gives a well-rounded flavour.

4.5% 500ml bottle

All beers hand-bottled; un-fined; bottle-conditioned, so suitable for vegetarians and vegans, but do contain yeast sediment.

Former research and development chemist Stu Lascelles was one of the first of a proliferating number of new east London brewers. The beers he creates near the Lee Valley Park are now a well established feature of the London pub scene.

A Solid, Smooth Darker Ale
Nightwatchman Has A Nutty Flavour With Rich Malt Notes
Great With Food Or On Its Own
Family-Brewed In East London

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