Inkbird ITC-100VH Dual Display Digital Pid Temperature Controller Output 230V with K-Type Temperature Sensing Thermocouple Probe and 40DA SSR Solid State Relay

Come with Inkbird PID temperature controller ITC-100VH, K type sensor thermocouple,40A SSR.
Power Supply Voltage: AC 100-240V 50/60Hz. One SSR output, one relay alarm output.
Support multi sensor input (K, S, Wre, T, E, J, B, N, CU50, PT100).



Specifications: – Voltage: – 50 & # XFF5E; 1300 ℃ Jet; (K sensor)
Display and control accuracy 0.1 ℃ Jet;, high measurement – Accuracy ± 0.2% FS – Output and alarm format can be set by the user – Integrated digital filter reduces disturbing box contents – Selbstkalibr Ierungs technology, keep stabilization
‘0.39 height LED, prevent glare, highly visible display – Switching power supply and low consumption. – Certification approved: CE ROSH
Temperature sensor:
K-type thermocouple temperature controller for instant operation and temperature control
Temperatures: 32º F to 140º F (0º up to 400 °C
Sensor diameter: 4.5 mm
Cable Length: 2 m
External Shielding: Insulated Shielding
Internal Insulation: Fibreglass
40 A SSR Features:
Reliable SMT technology
High ultra insulation resistance over 50 m ¸/500 V DC
High dielectric over more than 2.5KV
Low release current less than 7.5mA/12 V DC, compatible with CMOS IC or TTL
Low EMI/EFI & Überspannungsnulldurchgang from trigger method
High impact power 410 A/one cycle (60Hz)
High surge of money over that duration Überspannungsschutzschaltung
Technical Data: Charging voltage: 24 – 380VAC
Load Current: 40 A
Input Voltage: DC 3 – 32 V
1x provided PID temperature controller ITC 100VH
1 x K sessor
1 x 40DA SSR
1x User Manual in English
Use long life OMRON relay
Input: K, S, Wre, T, E, J, B, N, CU50, PT100
PID and On/Off Control Mode
Voltage: -50 °C & # XFF5E, 1300 & # x2103; (K)
Control Output: SSR


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