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King Cobra Double Fermented Beer (6 x 750ml)
6 x 750ml Glass Bottles ABV: 7.5% Best served chilled.
Coopers DIY Brew Enhancer 2 Home Brewing Additive
Coopers Brew Enhancer 2 will help improve the flavor, and the body of your beer, producing an overall better beer Good to add to any...
Simply Export Stout 1.8Kg Beer Kit
40 Pint Kit Malt Extract Kit Brewery Strain Yeast
Curious Brewing Chapel Down Brew Lager Bottle, 330ml
A curiously unique lager beer with champagne yeast Made to refresh and delight Full-flavoured and well balanced
John Bull Best Bitter Home Brew Beer Kit – Makes 40 Pints!
Makes 40 Pints Brews In Just 21 Days John Bull Branded Bitter Kit
Brugse Zot Gift Pack with Glass, 4 x 330 ml
Contains two Zot Blonde ruby red beer Also contains two Brugs Zot Dubbel dark brown beer As well as one Brugs Zot glass
Budweiser Lager Beer Bottles, 15 x 300 ml
Golden color with a subtle honey aroma and a trace of citrus, punctuated by notes of malt and noble hops. A perfectly balanced, full flavoured...
Hops and Shots Gluten Free Craft Beer Selection Case Ideal Gluten Free Craft Ales Beer Gift Set – x 6 Bottles and Cans
The Freshest Craft Beer at the Fairest Price! Mixed 6 Selection Case of freshly packaged gluten free craft beer Includes gluten free beers from the...
MALTA GUINNESS Non Alcoholic Malt Drink, 330 ml, 24-Count
Non Alcoholic Malt Drink From the brand MALTA GUINNESS Volume: 24 x 330 ml Country of origin: Nigeria
Boddingtons Draught 440ml x 18 7920g
Boddingtons Draught Bitter 18 x 440 ml 3.5 % Vol. Preferably serve chilled food. Boddingtons is a refreshing English Golden Bitter Beer.
Erdinger Beer Gift Pack
Contains 2x1/2 litre bottles of beer plus 2 pint glasses 1 Erdinger Hefe Weissbier and 1 Erdinger Dunkel 2 Erdinger pint glasses
Open Gate Brewery Pure Brew Ultra Low Alcohol Lager, 4 x 330ml
Ultra-low alcohol lager Tripple Hopped lager with clean matly citrus notes Fully brew
Mini Stainless Steel Growler Ss Keg 5L 304 (174MM X 280MM) Home Brew
The TRIPLEJ Small Stainless Steel Mini Beer Kegs are specifically designed for home brewing/growler dispensing. They are suited to small batches and suited to people...

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