Grolsch Beer Guide

When it comes to beer, there are few companies with as much history as Grolsch. This Dutch company has been around since 1615, and its green-hued bottles are iconic. Grolsch is best known for its lager, but the company also produces a variety of other types of beer. In this guide, we explore the different types of Grolsch beer available, as well as provide some tips on how to enjoy them. So whether you're looking to try something new or you're a long time fan of Grolsch, read on for our guide to this Dutch company's offerings.

Grolsch beer guide

About Grolsch

Grolsch has been brewing Dutch beer since 1615. The brewery is located in the eastern Netherlands town of Enschede and is one of the oldest breweries in Europe. Grolsch produces a range of lagers including its flagship Grolsch Premium Pilsner as well as Grolsch Weizen, Grolsch Herfstbok and Grolsch Blond.

In addition to beer, Grolsch also produces soft drinks and energy drinks. The company's products are available in more than 40 countries around the world.

What type of beer is Grolsch?

Grolsch is a pilsner-style beer that is characterised by its green bottle and distinctive swing-top closure. The beer is light-bodied and straw-coloured, with a slightly sweet flavour and a moderate hop bitterness.

What percent alcohol is Grolsch beer?

Grolsch beer contains 5% alcohol by volume. This is relatively low for a beer, which typically contains between 4-6% alcohol by volume. However, Grolsch is still a refreshing and flavourful beer that can be enjoyed by all.

What does Grolsch beer taste like?

If you're wondering what Grolsch beer tastes like, you're in for a treat. This Dutch pilsner is light and refreshing, with a distinct hoppy flavour. It's perfect for summer afternoons or anytime you need a break from the heavy stuff. Whether you're new to craft beer or a seasoned pro, Grolsch is sure to please. So next time you're in the mood for something different, give this unique brew a try.


What is special about Grolsch?

What sets Grolsch apart from other beers is its use of open fermentation, a process in which the yeast ferments the beer in open tanks rather than in closed vessels. This results in a more complex flavour profile with hints of fruit and spice. Grolsch is also notable for its use of two-row barley, a variety of hops that lend the beer a pleasant bitterness, and a unique bottom-fermenting yeast strain.

Who likes Grolsch beer?

If you like beer that is full-flavoured and has a slightly sweet finish, then you will probably like Grolsch beer. This Dutch beer is made with a unique blend of hops, malt, and yeast, which gives it its characteristic flavour. It is also fermented for longer than most beers, which contributes to its slightly higher alcohol content.

Grolsch is a great choice if you are looking for something different than the typical American light lager. Its flavour is complex enough to stand up to hearty foods like grilled meats or spicy dishes, but it is still refreshing and easy to drink. If you are looking to explore the world of craft beer, Grolsch is a great place to start.

Is Grolsch beer suitable for vegetarians & vegans?

Yes, Grolsch beer is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The brewing process does not use any animal products, so Grolsch beer is considered vegan-friendly. Additionally, Grolsch beer is certified by the Vegan Society, meaning it meets their standards for vegan-friendly products.


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