Bulldog Bad Cat Imperial Red Craft Beer Kit

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Premium Beer Kit 7.5% ABV
Just add water
Brewery Quality Beer from a kit


Bulldog Brews Bad Cat Imperial Red 7.5%

Makes: 23 litres 40 pints

Bulldog Brews boxed beer kits contain twice the amount of raw material compared to standard tinned beer kits. This combined with a separate sachet of hops to give unparallelled aroma means you can make Brewery Quality Beer from a kit, at home!

Bad Cat Imperial Red is the first ever Imperial Red beer kit available to home brewers. Full bodied, bursting with malty flavours and powerful fruity and citrus hop aromas from the American Amarillo and Willamette dry hopping.

A beer kit such as the Bulldog Brews Bad Cat Imperial Red is a new concept on the home brew market. It hasn’t been possible in the past to produce such an extreme beer kit. Due to the recent improvements in dry beer yeasts, it is now possible to ferment 4.7 kgs of malt extract in a kit, something most standard beer yeast can not handle. The result is stunning. The Bad Cat will take you where no cat or dog has been before. One of the best home brew beer kits.

Bulldog Brews Beer Kits have been created using modern brewing technology but with firm roots in traditional brewing. Bulldog Brews Beer Kits are manufactured using:

– Extreme amount of raw materials

– Varietal brewers yeast, suited for each beer type

– Varietal finishing hops in pellet form

Add only water and a small amount of priming sugar, all other ingredients are included in the kit!

Alcohol: 7.5% (vol)

Bitterness: 35-40 EBU

Colour: 30-35 EBC

Net weight: 4.7 kgs

Hop pellets: Amarillo, Willamette

Equipment not included. Requires basic homebrew equipment sold separately from our Shop.

Premium Beer Kit 7.5% ABV
Just add water
Brewery Quality Beer from a kit
Makes 40 Pints / 5 Gallons
Requires basic Homebrew Equipment (sold separately)

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