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Estrella Damm 24 x 330ml Price: £44.99 (as of 02/12/2023 03:46 PST- Details)


The jewel in the crown of a century’s beerbrewing experience, Estrella Damm is refreshing and versatile with a strong hoppy character but no bitter taste.
Damm -by August Kuentzmann Damm- was first made in Barcelona in 1876 and has a long tradition and extensive beer-making know-how. Since 1876, eleven generations of Master Brewers have been making Damm from 100% natural ingredients that preserve the yeast content from its origin.
Leading the range, it is the top-selling beer in Barcelona, home to the company’s brewery that produces 500 million litres of beer a year. It is a constant presence throughout the city, from restaurants to bars and countless important events in the city: Sponsoring Local “Fiestas” to well-known international events such as SONAR, FC Barcelona, Barcelona World Race, The America’s Cup and even the 1992 Olympic Games (the 1st beer to sponsor the Olympic Games).
A Lager-Style Beer made according to the Original 1876 Recipe. Today, after 140 years and eleven generations of Master Brewers, the brand’s focus is quality and the 100% natural ingredients, that have won it countless awards and worldwide recognition. The combination of water, barley, malt, rice, hops and yeast produces a magnificent clear, golden and sparkling beer with an aroma of fresh spices and a fresh hoppy taste with a lingering bitterness.
This lager has a universally enjoyed flavour that is an ideal drink at any moment.
It has an alcohol content of 5.4% and should be drunk at a temperature of between 4º and 6°C.

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