Franziskaner Weissbier (Wheat Beer) Beer PerfectDraft 1 x 6 litre Keg for Philips PerfectDraft Machine

Franziskaner 6L Keg
5% ABV
For use in Philips Perfect Draft Machine


This keg must be used in conjunction with the Perfect Draft Machine. Six-litre of a wheat German beer for you to enjoy anytime. This Franziskaner beer is a beer to be supped from a long weissbier glass in the summer sun.

The PerfectDraft Beer Machine Cooler is an extremely reliable system and very economical to run taking very little cleaning (the tube comes with the keg).

NB: Receive 100 Beer Tokens worth £5 for every empty keg returned to Beer Hawk. Instructions on how to return your kegs can be found on Beer Hawk website.

This draught pack contains one 6L Litre Barrel of Franziskaner Premium German Weissbier Beer, 5.0% ABV, imported from Germany suitable for the PerfectDraft Beer Dispenser Machine.
Franziskaner is a world-class hefeweizen making it the typical beer of Bavaria. It’s a refreshing wheat beer characterised by mild aromas of clove and bananas.
Cloudy, pale gold colored body with light notes of citrus. Medium body feel, with very good carbonation. Dry finish.
Franziskaner is brewed in the Spaten Brewery in Munich. Its history dates back to 1397 when the brewer Hans Welser in the center of Munich found a brewery named Welser Prew.
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