Hofmeister Helles Premium Lager | 12 X 330ml Bottle Pack, 5% ABV | Authentic Imported Bavarian Lager | Vegan | Awarded Best Lager by IWSC | Best Served Chilled

Genuine Imported Bavarian Helles Lager
The bear is back, but not as you remember! Hofmeister returns as an authentic Bavarian Helles, expertly crafted by our fourth generation private brewery on the edge of the Ebersberger Forest.
Our Helles is brewed slow and cold to achieve perfection, resulting in a depth of taste and gentle carbonation that is delightfully moreish.


For those that remember, Hofmeister was 3.2% ABV pale lager produced by an international brewer in large volumes. Production ceased in 2003 and that could well have been the end of a once much loved brand had it not been for a small group of beer enthusiasts who saw an opportunity to revive the name and return it to its roots as a high quality craft beer. Now brewed by a small family owned brewery on the edge of the Ebersberger Forest in Bavaria our beer has an ABV of 5% and the easy drinking style of a classic Bavarian Helles (meaning light or pale) lager. Brewed according to the strict 500 year old Reinheitsgebot German Beer Purity Laws this traditional lager is made from just three ingredients – officially designated mineral water, locally grown barley and Hallertau hops. Whilst great to drink on its own, the slow brewed method of production means that our beer has a lower carbonation level than many of our rivals, making it the perfect beer to drink with a meal. We are proud and passionate about our product and hope you will agree that the blood, sweat and tears that has gone into its rebirth has been worth it.
Brewed by a family owned Bavarian brewery, Hofmeister is a high quality, slow brewed Helles lager.
Deliciously refreshing, this Helles lager was the first 5 star winner of the Best Lager award in the 2017/8 IWSC awards.
Perfect gift for lovers of craft beer and lager. Light in colour, Hofmeister is a clean-tasting Helles lager with a complex balance of refreshing soft malt and subtle hoppy notes.
Made using just three ingredients, mineral water, hops and barley this is a genuine craft beer brewed to strict German beer purity laws.
Give us a try and taste the difference!

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