2 x Löwenbräu Original beer Perfect Draft 6 liter drum 5.2% vol

Löwenbräu Original 6L keg
5.2% ABV
For use in Philips Perfect Draft Machine


This draught pack contains one 6L Litre Barrel of Löwenbrau, 5.2% ABV, imported from Germany suitable for the PerfectDraft Beer Dispenser Machine.
The distinctive golden lion against a blue background is a hallmark of one of the world’s oldest breweries with a history traced back to Munich in 1383.
Today, this German lager is a refreshing and mildly tart beer that provides a perfect foil summer barbecues.
Löwenbrau pours a clear, straw golden beer with a small to medium foamy head, a floral nose and a medium carbonated body.
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