Mangrove Jack’s CS Australian Ale Blade 2.5 kg

Level: beginner
Style: American Ale
Colour: Blonde


A showcase of the best Australian hop. This beer is a typical Australian version of the American Pale Ale with a fantastic malt character leading to a cool, dry, hoppy end with Galaxy and Ella hops. It has aromas of passion fruit and peach.
ABV approx. 5.1%.
Bittern: 2.5/5.
IBU: 30-40.
Colour: gold.
Yield: 23L
Yeast: M44 US West Coast
Brew sugar required: 1 kg Dextrose / Brew Enhancer or 1.2 kg Pure Malt Enhancer.

The equipment required to use this kit is grouped in basic beginner brewing packs or rolling beers.

Level: beginner
Style: American Ale
Colour: Blonde

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