Mexgrocer Los Cuerudos Anejo 700ml


Los Cuerudos authentic Mezcal tradition since 1893. There are over 150 species of maguey exclusive to Mexican territory. Of these species more than 30 can be used to make mescal, Oaxaca being the state with the highest concentration and variety of them In Oaxaca, it is common to mix together crops of corn, squash, beans and maguey, as this maintains the land in optimum conditioning for planting. For the elaboration of Tradition Chagoya, mezcals, the maguey known ‘Espadin’ is exclusively employed. Maguey Espadin takes ten years to mature and is one of the finest and noblest of this species of plant, whose characteristics have led it to become the emblematic maguey of Oaxaca.

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