Youngs Harvest Scottish Heavy Kit Price: £19.48 (as of 03/01/2024 07:37 PST- Details)

40 Pints / 23L
Contains Hopped Malt Extract & Separately Packed Yeast
Just add Suger and Water



The Youngs Harvest range is a cheap, quick and easy way to make good quality beer. Simply add sugar and water to the contents of the can, stir in the yeast and wait!Brewing time usually between 10 and 15 days! Additional ingredients required; You also need 1.5kgs of sugar or enhancer, or one and a half of either of these; 1kg Beer Kit Enhancer (sugar can be used instead) New To Home Brewing?Equipment is required to brew this beer kit.Our Home Brew Online Starter Pack is ideal. How do I brew it?It’s easy! Take a look at our step-by-step Guide To Brewing Beer.
A full bodied Scottish beer with an ABV of 5.4%
Cheap And Simple Kits
Just Add 1kg Sugar And Water

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