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American Beers

American beers are famous world-wide. Anheuser Busch, the world’s biggest brewery, produces the internationally renowned Budweiser. Other well known beers in USA are Coors and Miller.

America has some fantastic beers like Anchor Steam beer from San Francisco and Samuel Adams from Boston. The former beer is a refreshing lager beer with a fresh, crisp, fresh finish. Whereas, the latter drink is a satisfyingly smooth, with a wonderful, malt finish.

The less famous and smaller breweries produce the best beers in the USA. The most acclaimed beer in the USA is Firestone Walker Pale Ale (although this may not be readily available in the UK). This is produced in Pasa Robles, California, and has been inspired by British pale ale. It has a slight, hoppy flavour and pleasant, biting finish, having been aged through wood.

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