Beers from the Americas

Although beer has been exceedingly commercialised in the States, the USA has a few great beers to offer. Budweiser and Anheuser Busch and Budweiser may dominate the international market, yet there is more than meets the eye with American beer. The USA does not have the ancient brewing history of Europe, yet both the Americas have certain interesting brews to offer, once you have sought past the commercial products.


American Beers

Most of the world knows of American beer. Anheuser Busch, the world’s biggest brewery, produces the internationally renowned Budweiser. Other well known beers in USA are Coors and Miller. These beers are easily drinkable, yet they are widely acknowledged as lacking character and flavour.

Should you enjoy a good European beer then those American beers are not going to match your expectations. Nonetheless, there are some fantastic beers to be found in the entire USA, with a 450 year old history. There are some well-known American lager beers like Anchor Steam beer from San Francisco and Samuel Adams from Boston. The former beer is a refreshing lager beer with a fresh, crisp, fresh finish. Whereas, the latter drink is a satisfyingly smooth, with a wonderful, malt finish.

The less famous and smaller breweries produce the best beers in the USA. The most acclaimed beer in the USA is Firestone Walker Pale Ale. This is produced in Pasa Robles, California, and has been inspired by British pale ale. It has a slight, hoppy flavour and pleasant, biting finish, having been aged through wood.

If you would like an alternative to a bottle of Bud then opt for Avery Mephistopheles Stout, which is incredibly strong at 15.1%. It is one of the darkest, richest beers in the world, making it a great after dinner drink, with its coffee and rum soaked fruit taste. However, be careful as just one bottle of this beer leaves you feeling somewhat light-headed, even though it is such a smooth drink.


Canadian Beers

Canadian beers date back to the 17th century when Europeans decided that its climate was perfect for brewing. Labatt and Molson, two big, commercial breweries, lead the Canadian beer market. Like the beers in the USA, Canadian beers make for an easy drink, however, are somewhat lacking in taste.

If you seek out a couple of the independent brewery beers you will get a real feel of what Canadian beer is about. Alexander Keith’s IPA is undoubtedly one of Canada’s finest, having been brewed in Nova Scotia since 1820, a smooth, bitter finished English-type pale ale. It is pretty popular across Canada, making a change from the light lagers of Labatt and Molson.


Southern and Central American Beers

Mexico’s Corona beer has become highly popular in the USA, placing Southern American beers under the spotlight. Overall, Latin American beers have not had the exposure of their North American or European counterparts. Other excellent Mexican beers include Modelo and Dos Equis. Both of them are available in light or dark varieties, with a fresh, yet bitter taste and are best served with lime.

Other than Mexico, the best Southern and Central American beers are found in Brazil. The best known lager beers in Brazil are the light yet bitter Skol, Brahman and Bohemia. The premier Brazilian brews are to be found in the countless brewpubs. Other South American beers of note are Parba in Suriname and Quilmes in Argentina.

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