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Buy Indian Beers

Buy Indian Beers

Kingfisher and Cobra

Kingfisher and Cobra beers are making great in-roads into the UK market. The United Breweries Group, which owns the Kingfisher label, has 19 domestic brewing operations and satellite operations in New York State and the UK. Between the two of them, they quench customer thirst throughout the world, from the Caribbean through to the Far East. The United Breweries Group has won many accolades due to its 4.8% ABV premium product.

Cobra was established in London in the late 1980s. Since then it has expanded its range from the original 5% ABV lager to include fruity, light and super premium 8% products, along with a non-alcoholic brew.

Kingfisher and Cobra are faring exceedingly well in UK restaurants, as well as bars and main supermarkets. As Indian food features high on the TV dinner list, it makes good sense to place an Indian beer or two in that trolley.

Upcoming Brands

Bangla Beer is an increasingly popular blond beer in India and increasingly elsewhere. This robust brew is strong enough to handle the spices of Bangladeshi and Indian dishes, without overpowering their delicate flavours. Lal Toofan is also an up and coming brand of beer in the UK. The Brits are also discovering that India pale ale holds its own very well with a tasty curry and pilau.

All the aforementioned beers are robust, cold and palate cleansing. They all make for a fine drink.


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