Southern European Beers

Southern European Beers

Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy are most famous for their stunning wines and spirits. Nonetheless, they do brew some good beers which are quite drinkable in their climate. These four countries are not the world’s top beer drinking nations. However, they definitely offer more than most of us may think, from Spanish refreshing lager beers to Italian malted beers.

Greek Beers

Greece does not have a vast variety of beers to offer. Nonetheless, the beers on offer are fine lager beers.

The most popular beer in Greece, Mythos, is produced by Mythos brewery. It is an authentic Greek beer, with a lovely hoppy, yet dry, taste.

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Italian Beers

Italy is better known as being a wine producer however, they also have a good reputation for producing quality pale lagers. Major brands include Peroni (the country’s oldest brewery), Moretti and Nastro Azzuro.

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Portuguese Beers

Portugal offers a few more varieties, with its two leading beers being Super Bock and Sagres. They both have more character than most lager beers and are easily drinkable.

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Spanish Beers

Like most Southern European countries, Spain has a wine culture. In spite of this, Spanish lagers are very refreshing and tasty. A lot of people consider San Miguel to be Spanish; San Miguel was initially brewed in the Philippines by Spanish settlers.

The Spanish San Miguel presently available is 100% Spanish, having separated from the well known Asian brand several years ago. San Miguel is a fantastic lager beer, with a lovely bitter finish and wonderfully crisp taste. It is flavoursome and refreshing, ideal for the Spanish climate.

A further great Spanish lager beer is Cruzcampo, a fabulously refreshing beer; even though some say it lacks the flavour of San Miguel.

Should you wish to opt for something a bit more obscure, then choose La Zaragozana Ambar 1900 Pale Ale. Even though it is not a Pale Ale or Ambar, this Spanish lager beer is more complex than other Spanish beers, with its light hoppiness and dry finish.

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